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A Great New Hampshire Father and Son Story - A Business Comes to Life

This franchisee’s story begins in the quiet town of Derry, New Hampshire, with a man named Stephen. Stephen was a hardworking individual with a dream – a dream to build something meaningful with his own hands and create a legacy for his family. Little did he know this dream would take the form of a flourishing GarageExperts® franchise flooring and cabinet business that he would share with his son, Matt.

Equipped with determination and a vision, Stephen decided to take the leap and start his own business. He knew he couldn't do it alone, so he turned to his son, Matt, who shared his father's passion for creating great spaces for customers. Together, they embarked on a journey to turn their dream into a reality. Stephen started by finding a franchise partnership that could help support his dream and GarageExperts® met those needs and GarageExperts® of New Hampshire was started. The GarageExperts® Corporate team joined the journey with him and his son, spending countless hours refining skills, working on educating consumers in the Northeast about epoxy and polyaspartic flooring, and perfecting their techniques with the Garage FX® flooring system. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail soon caught the eye of locals in New Hampshire and surrounding areas.

Word spread fast about the exceptional customer service delivered by Stephen and Matt and their great Garage FX® flooring system and custom cabinets. The demand for their services grew, and the father/son team found themselves expanding their operation. They hired a small team of skilled craftsmen who shared their dedication to excellence with flooring and cabinetry. As the GarageExperts® of New Hampshire business flourished, Stephen and Matt faced challenges that tested their resilience. Over the last decade they battled economic downturns, competition, weather, and the ever-changing market posed hurdles, but the team navigated through them with unwavering determination. They adapted to new trends, focused on the customer experience, and prioritized treating everyone like family.

With success came the opportunity to expand their GarageExperts® business into the Connecticut market, and in 2023, they started doing business in the Hartford area as GarageExperts® of Greater Connecticut. Their goal remains the same, to develop a customer-focused culture in Hartford and deliver on their mission of providing great flooring and cabinetry. Today, Stephen and Matt's business stands tall as a testament to hard work, passion, and the unbreakable bond between a father and his son. From the humble beginnings in a van to the now multi-vehicle and crew powerhouse in the Northeast! Their story inspires others to pursue their dreams and create something enduring within the GarageExperts® community. Hats off to the great duo in the Northeast!