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GarageExperts® of Northern New Jersey Creates High-End, Modern Floor

Durability, aesthetics, and easy cleanability are the main focuses when it comes to interior floors. Carpet tends to hold allergens and requires constant cleaning. Tile is durable, however, it’s not a seamless surface which results in bacteria being harbored in the grout lines. Hardwood floors look great but scratch easily and consistently show surface dust. The longevity of these traditional flooring options also requires replacement at one time or another. Epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings are a great alternative. Improved light reflectivity, increased abrasion and stain resistance, easy cleanability, and a seamless surface promote a hygienic environment. 

Brett with GarageExperts® of Northern New Jersey had a client seeking all these benefits with a modern aesthetic. Brett recommended the Garage FX® Epoxy Stone System as the perfect solution with its seamless, high-gloss, terrazzo-inspired appearance. The client was excited, and the installation process began.

Brett and his team mechanically profiled the surface with diamond grinders to remove contaminants while providing the correct surface profile for optimal coating adhesion. Flaws in the substrate such as cracks and spalls were filled using a fast-setting polyurea repair compound reducing downtime. The Garage FX® Epoxy Stone System consists of an epoxy primer featuring fusing technology providing an incredible bond to the concrete substrate while mitigating up to 8 lbs of moisture vapor emissions. The following morning, the self-leveling Epoxy Stone System was applied using a 1/8” notched squeegee across the surface. This coat was allowed to dry overnight before sanding the surface and applying an ultra-high solids polyaspartic topcoat for increased stain, abrasion, and wear resistance.

The results are spectacular! The GarageExperts® of Northern New Jersey team delivered a high-end, modern finish that will outperform traditional flooring options.