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GarageExperts® in Ohio Exemplifies Balancing Family and Business for Success

In Ohio, the Lipaj family is a great example of family, hard work, and business success. Mike and Alyssa started their family with a dream of creating a nurturing environment for their children and a desire to contribute to the Columbus community. They did their research and decided to leave their sales jobs and begin a small business journey, becoming GarageExperts® of Columbus. Mike, a salesperson and entrepreneur at heart, had always envisioned owning a small business. Inspired by his love for sales and providing customers with a great product and experience, he found that the GarageExperts® system fit those needs.

The journey had its challenges—starting a business while raising a young family required dedication, hard work, and a shared commitment. With GarageExperts® systems and support, they have built a solid presence in the Columbus market.

As the family and business grew, so did their customer reach. They recently expanded into the Cleveland market, operating as GarageExperts® of Northeast Ohio. They are making a difference by transforming their customers’ garages into beautiful, organized, and useful spaces that will last a lifetime.

For the Lipaj family, success isn't just financial; it's about the bonds formed, lessons learned, and community impact. Their story reflects the balance of family and business, furthering their commitment to the Ohio community. GarageExperts® looks forward to the Lipaj family's continued growth and success.